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PixelZ: Zombie Wars

A LAN Multiplayer. Waves of Zombies. · By QjOx

FAQ - In English. Sticky

A topic by QjOx created Sep 05, 2018 Views: 40
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Q: Who can host a match?
A: Anyone, anywhere.

Q: Do you mean that I can host a match with my cell phone?
A: Yes, you can host from your smartphone and play with your friend who is playing in PC Version.

Q: How does the match start?
A: Very simple, the device that click HOST inside the game, with this will open a local server on the device with an IP, which will be used to connect.

Q: I do not have WiFi and I want to play with my friends, how I do it?
A: Ask some smartphone to router a wifi of the cell phone and all connect to it. so they could all play in the same match.

Q: How many people can join the same multiplayer match?
A: The limit of the multiplayer framework is 65555, but will depend from the host of the match, meaning I would say that a medium smartphone could host 5 to 10 people without crashing.

Q: What did you use to do multiplayer?
A: DarkRift2.

Q: Can you make the server available only? for some reason, I need to host only the server separately.
A: Send me a PM with a reason and I'll send it to you!