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Controller in APK Version for Android

A topic by Pahlawan created Aug 28, 2018 Views: 1,823 Replies: 1
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Hello Dev...

I like Nano Control since I saw it in the internet. As an eroge-player, I really like the concept of eroge in RPG because I've never played such a game before, especially made by RPG Maker.

I have tried Nano Control for Windows and Android version. For Windows, it is already quite good even there maybe need some adjustment. However, for the Android versions, there is something troublesome. The controller is not good. I thought there would be a virtual analog and button on the screen (like any other RPG Android), instead I have to touch the ground to move the character. I can't type my own name in the beginning because I can't erase the dafault name. Even I can't pause and use the menu to see the character's status, items, options and so on.

Well, I hope you Dev may consider this as a feedback and start to fix the game. I'm pretty sure that this game will be more better in the future. People may consider to pay you sincerely for this game (since the game can be downloaded free for now).

Thank you for your attention, I like your game :)

at the start  to erase the name press your screen well playing with your two thumbs or anyone of your fingers at the same time to erase the name at the start of a new game and once you finish the introduction of the game for access to the menu and pause use two of your fingers again