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What would you do if you found yourself trapped on an eerie space station with nothing but a computer? · By Goodwolf Studio, Zein Okko

map feedback

A topic by bxrnes created Apr 18, 2023 Views: 157
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mild spoilers for ch0 and ch1

i finally got around to playing this off the blm bundle, and it's a pretty fun game with a compelling narrative, one of the better ones so far. i'm only halfway through chapter 1, and the interface is pretty great, but i will say that the map has created a bit of a hindrance. my main complaints are that it doesn't adequately signal what is where. for instance, i forgot which room the scanner was in and since all the computer icons look the same, i was running around the wrong labs trying everything which wasted a lot of time. the map also doesn't do its actual job of showing me where i am or where i'm going; particularly with running around the labs in ch1, the map has a tendency to zoom in just as i enter the command for zoya to move, which means that she moves offscreen and i can't see where she is until the map adjusts itself, and in that time she could be walking into the security system, and i wouldn't know because i can't see. it's also frustrating that the typical view obscures a lot of the map space, [SPOILER] i can see how it was good for building up tension in ch0 with the red dot coming up behind sam and not being able to see it until it was right there, but for zoya's content it's hard to plan out where she should be going, especially when there are a number of moving targets to avoid.

i know i still have some content to get through and the devs are working on ch4, but i hope this function improves soon.