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A fast-paced action-platformer game with rogue-like elements. · By aQuadiun

Great so far! (and some random ideas while I'm at it)

A topic by PlayerTheMaker created Mar 17, 2023 Views: 149 Replies: 1
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I just wanted to say this game was really fun even in this early stage of development! I hope you finish this game, I'm exited to see where it goes next.

I might as well give some feedback now that I've made a topic (a bit off topic [is this a joke? maybe], but I think that making this a comment section would increase the amount of people who will say something. Its a bit more intimidating to start a topic and makes those who feel they don't have enough to share not say what they might have otherwise commented about. Just my opinion though, you probably have some practical reasons for using the format and I might be totally wrong.).

I actually enjoyed the platforming a lot here, and I guess that whats the game really is about if you think about it. Its about positioning and pressing the fire button when in the best spots.

If you want to lean into that aspect a bit more you could make some more combat related to movement, like a modifier that makes your dash to damage or makes you bounce off enemies you dash into. Maybe a melee attack could also be cool, but that might be too much.

Speaking of the dash, it has a lot of potential to bring the best out of the movement system. Like jumping during it when on the ground to keep the horizontal movement but also get a boost up. Perhaps dashing into a wall could allow a wall run or some other cool moves in the future too.

Anyway, best of luck with this project!


Hey! I'm glad you have some fun! :)
Thank you for very detailed feedback!