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Project Perfect Citizen

We all have something to hide. But what do we have to lose? · By Bad Cop Studios


A topic by Angela2316 created Jun 14, 2016 Views: 1,518 Replies: 3
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I can't find the secure email server, contributions, family documents and personal files password. I've been looking for ages. Btw, is there going to be a walkthrough some time in the future for people who need help? Awesome game though. I love it.

Developer (1 edit)

Glad you've enjoyed playing so far! Of all the folders you've listed above, you must first open the contributions folder. Vincent's home town is Dallas. Once you've found the list of contributors, re-visit the email where they discuss his private server. The next clue is there.

As for a walkthrough, we hadn't thought about that yet, but if enough people have trouble and want help it may be something we consider doing.

Thank you, I actually made decent progress while I was waiting for a reply. And again, brilliant game.

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I'm currently trying to figure out the "Admit your guilt" password, and I honestly can't. I've tried "I'm guilty" "I am guilty" and "I'm just as guilty", and none of them seem to work.