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The adventure of聽despondent and struggling dogs 路 By WetDogs

english version

A topic by Koteq <3 created Feb 23, 2023 Views: 2,586 Replies: 11
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when will be english version


I fucking agree!!!!!!!!!!! And If this already have one, please guys tell how enable it.

P.s.: The white "fox" is hot as fuck馃敟


It was supposed to come out in 2 weeks according to the creator....180 days ago.


From WetDog's post 34 days ago

" Currently, the translation of the English version has come to an end. I guess we can probably release it in the middle of next month. "

Look like they are planing on releasing it during the middle of this month.





Thank you for playing this game. The bilingual version is now available and has been released!

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A bit disappointed that they took so much time to translate and yet only the first chapter is finished. Not only that you guys put both chinese and english in the same text frame, I trully don't understand the purpose of choosing the language in the setting when you don't even think of seperating 2 lines of English - Chinese for each language setting and you choose to  just dump both lines of text into the text box. What is the point of them both coexisting no matter what language setting i choose?

Though, you have my praise for the English translating team, done perfectly. 


It's a bit funny about the meaningless choice of game language,  but I think it's for English players to recognize the buttons such as "skip" or "auto". Furthermore, according to their monthly reports, the producer likes the design of bilingual subtitles as he thinks it gives the mood of old Hongkong movies.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

I believe you, actually, the time and effort we've put into the translation outweigh the benefits we've gained. And, as you said, the design of the bilingual subtitles is flawed, making them appear bulky and unattractive. The language-switching is also meaningless, which makes me question whether it's worth it during development. It likely would have been rejected early on if this were a commercial project. Pointing out those problems shows that you have excellent project management skills. These skills will undoubtedly help you succeed in your future career.

Though, I believe that people who understand both languages would enjoy it.


I think making it bilingual is unique and adds up to the atmosphere as an english speaker. It also can help people wanting to learn english or chinese thanks to this game. I haven't tried the game it yet, but from the screenshots, I like it ! Probably the benefits of translating it will come later, bringing a new english audience. I really like the artworks and I'm happy I can understand the story now.


Thank you!