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sound support

A topic by ChrKoval created Feb 23, 2023 Views: 137 Replies: 1
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I found info (but don't know who wrote it) that tilengine doesn't provide sound support by default. Is that true? Since Tilengine is based on SDL I assume it has some basic sort of integration for music and sfx.

I found course by lazyfoo touching that subject (how to manage sound) is it still applicable to tilengine?

Or maybe, is there any other way to enable playing music?



That's right, Tilengine is a graphics-only component. Think of it as a virtual 2D graphics chipset. You have to pair it with other components like sound, physics or netplay. You can use any sound library of your choice, SDL-mixer is a very good option. Tilengine uses SDL2 for windowing, but that doesn't mean you have to pair it with SDL-mixer.

For example my demo project PythonPlatformer uses python tilengine binding and pysdl2 for sound playback: