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Project Perfect Citizen

We all have something to hide. But what do we have to lose? · By Bad Cop Studios

[ISSUE][MAC] Can't load game?

A topic by properlygames created Jun 12, 2016 Views: 684 Replies: 8
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I played this for about an hour (really liked it!), quit, came back, and I have no option to continue my game. I tried putting in the same username I stared my first game with but got a prompt telling me I'd be starting a new save file. Am I being dull? Is this a known issue on OS X?

I quit the game after beginning the 3rd "real" mission, that is, after finishing the mission with Murphy and starting the next mission. I believe I just quit the application rather than "Logging out", but I tried experimenting with starting new games and then Logging Out and I have yet to see an option to load my game. Please help :)


This is a known issue, we're currently working to resolve. An update should be available shortly.

Developer (1 edit)

I've just now uploaded a new file, please download from our project page. The saving issue should be resolved. Can you give me a few more details about the level you left off on? I'd like to try re-creating a save file for you and will try my best to provide instructions for using it in the game.

EDIT: Changed the version number to be consistent with our numbering scheme.

Would be nice if you can help me out as well. I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how to 'save' my game progression, until I found this post. I tried entering the same username as before, but nothing works. I quit the game after finishing the level regarding politician scam (I forget the names of the people, something about a photo of Marie being used as evidence).


Based on the game progress you've described, I've created a save file that should put you back where you left off.

Your save file can be downloaded HERE

Also please refer to the guide I've written for updating save files in the game: Guide For Updating Save Files

Let me know if you get stuck on any of the steps in the guide.

I downloaded at about 11 last night and it doesn't have any save.


The updated version of the game unfortunately can not recover your old progress on its own, however we can create a save file for you that will allow you to begin where you left off. Please describe the last part of the game you remember playing and we'll send you a save file and a guide for loading it into the game.

I was on the 3rd real mission, not the test one.

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i have game version 1.0.2 i think and i have the same problem that i can't find any way to load my previous game. =S

*spoiler* the last one i did was about fraud in the elections. mission 2 or 3 after the test thingy. =)
i was not far yet, so i don't mind playing it again but before i'll go to enjoy this game again i would really like to know how saving and loading works..

beside that problem i absolutely loved the game. keep up the great work... ^^

fixed it with the files above. (the game didn't create a save file. =S ) it starts at the same place as where i left off.
thanks. =)