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Project Perfect Citizen

We all have something to hide. But what do we have to lose? · By Bad Cop Studios

Crashing on Mac

A topic by kalblaz created Jun 11, 2016 Views: 423 Replies: 3
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First off, I love the game! It's haunting and fun. Unfortunately, it continues to crash for me when I reach the "Security Breach" warning screen. I can't tell if this purposeful or unintended. I have uninstalled the game a few times, so I'm not sure what the problem is. I'm on a 2013 MacBook Pro, if that helps.

Developer (Edited 3 times) (+1)

That's intentional. Congratulations, you finished all that we have so far. There are multiple endings to our game, but all end in a crash back to your desktop. In theory, our goal was to get the player to engage in some reflective analysis specific to your ending, but the "Security Breach" ending has been labeled as confusing to some. You may have noticed that the desktop it was trying to pipe into when it crashes is suspiciously close to your current location. In future content updates (in which we hope to add more levels!), we will likely rewrite this ending a bit to fix the ambiguity of this ending.

If you're curious on how to get different endings (and an entirely different second level), try submitting *less* evidence on levels. Depending on the level of evidence submitted by the player, the DCPS will have varying amounts of ammunition to use against the desktop targets, resulting in different outcomes for those characters.

I came here investigating the same thing; suspicious crash-to-desktop. I understand now it's meant as one of the available endings.

Just wanted to say that I enjoyed it. If you are looking for specific feedback (ideas, critiques, praise), is there a better place to submit it than the forum?


Thanks for playing! This forum is certainly an appropriate place for feedback, we're very interested in and curious about what players have to say about Project Perfect Citizen.