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German Localization (v 1.04)

A topic by Kenneth Plasa created Jan 21, 2023 Views: 149 Replies: 6
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I would like to gift this game to my mum but she only speaks German and doesn't like "Steam". Would you please be so kind to update the game here on as well - at least add the German localization which comes with version 1.04?


Hi, I'm not able to update the game right now but you can add the German localization by copying one file from the Steam version to the version (you get a steam key if you buy the game here)
The file is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pepper's Puzzles\assets\localization\de.json
Just copy it to the same folder of the itch version and the German option should appear when you next launch the game.

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Thank you. I made an alternative German translation (using the "old" file and improving it), as there were too many errors (often even with different meaning). Additionally I used gender-inclusive German where possible. I uploaded the new file on my Google Drive: . It's tested in-game for most of its parts (without the endings of "Mosaic" and "Time Trial", and without the whole "Workshop" part [which doesn't seem to be available for the "" version])

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Thank you. How would you like to be credited as if I were to add your version of the translation to the game?

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If you would like to do so, you can credit me as "kplasa" or "Kenneth Plasa" - either is fine.


I've uploaded a new version with your translation. Thank you :)

Thank you, I'm downloading it right now :)