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A500 Mini guide Sticky

A topic by Sonic Sloth created Dec 21, 2022 Views: 3,000 Replies: 4
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The included A500 mini version is configured to work with the v1.1.1.a5u firmware (the latest at time of release). It is likely possible to get it working with the original firmware (it worked in the past), but would need changes to the configuration files.

The normal WHDLoad version runs poorly on the Mini. There are significant slow downs (especially in World 3-3) and graphical corruption. The special A500 mini version included with this game was produced with configuration and code changes to run the game well - but there are still occasional flickers in the games status bar due to less than perfect emulation.

To run it:

1. Prepare a USB stick for WHDLoad using the official guide here:

2. Add the contents of Turrian2AGA.xml to your whdload_db.xml file. This will be on your USB stick, in the folder "THEA500/whdboot/game-data". Ensure you place the game entry inside the <whdbooter> </whdbooter> section of the file.

3. Copy Turrican2AGA.lha and Turrican2AGA_ol.uae to your USB stick, in the folder "THEA500".

4. On your A500 Mini, insert the USB stick, navigate to THEA500/Turrican2AGA and press the HOME button on your joypad to start the game.

5. On first run, it can take a long time to start (around 2 minutes). Subsequent runs start much faster. It seems that the A500 Mini does some kind of file cacheing.

IMPORTANT: If you press MENU to change the games settings in the menu, the A500 Mini will modify the uae file, undoing some of the performance improvements and degrading the experience.


Here is a screenshot of how your THEA500/whdboot/game-data/whdload_db.xml file may look after you add the game. Normally there would be other games in there too.

Hi, how can i start it on Batocera/Retropie etc.  ? The lha file inside doesn´t work of course.
Is there a standalone lha file that i can use with whdload?


I've no idea. If they are Amiga emulators I presume they can handle ADFs, HDF or WHDLoad files. So one of those versions should work. Don't use the A500 Mini version though unless you know what you are doing.


The entire whdload_db file with Turrican v1.18 added can be download here if anyone is having trouble editing an xml file.