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Arcade-style racing game inspired by the spirit of the early 90s. · By ansdor

YES! This game heckin' ROCKS.

A topic by FlappyFingers created Jul 04, 2018 Views: 252
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Thanks for making this game it's absolutely Brilliant.
Was a big player of Lotus Esprit  Turbo Challenge back on the Atari520ST and this totally relives those memories for me.
Game is blisteringly fast, drifting past someone on a bend while in SlipStream feels amazing, some of the tracks are absolutely gorgeous and the soundtrack is on point.

This was well worth my 10bucks.

Just finished the Diamond Cup, still got a way to go on the Arcade mode tho.

Minor Feedback:

TBH, I've had a great time, and think for a solo dev you've done an absolutely incredible job, but what would feedback be without a little bit of crit ;)

1) Would be nice if there was an indicator to let you know how long/sharp a corner would be (like you get in rally games, a little sign popping up over the car so you know how long the next corner will be).

2) It took me about an hour of play to realise that the word SLIPSTREAM spells it self in the bottom right of the screen as I charge it. You NEVER look here while you're playing (infact, if you do, you crash), would be much better to indicate this over the car, or have the Slipstream VFX start to gradually build up as you gain it.

3) Small thing, but the accuracy required for tight drifts through chicanes is really hard on triggers (since they're a throttle, not an absolute), once I changed my controls to RB and LB instead of RT and LT, I had a MUCH better experience, maybe default to these?

That's it.

Again, great game and congratulations.