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Stream steam games?

A topic by minikN created Jun 30, 2018 Views: 794 Replies: 1
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Hi. I'm having troubles creating entries for streaming steam games. Let me explain:
I want to use this app on my HTPC, which is used as a client for In-Home-Streaming from my host machine (Gaming PC). I can create a desktop shortcut (on my HTPC) to point to for example "steam://rungameid/203160". When I double click it, it will start to stream the game from my host machine. If I add the same entry to GameGo, nothing happens.

If I add the game like so: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steam.exe -applaunch 203160 it doesn't work either. Steam pops up the installation dialog for the game. But I don't want to install it. I just want to stream it.

As I said, it works when I create a blank shortcut on my desktop pointing to "steam://rungameid/203160".  Any ideas?

I managed to do it. It's quite cumbersome, but if anyone wants to do this:

1. create a new, empty .bat file
2. Add content: 'start "" steam://rungameid/39140' (replacing your game id, without ')
3. Download a BAT to EXE Converter, I use this one 
4. Convert the BAT to EXE and add it GameGo. Done.

I tried with just the .BAT-file, it woudn't work. I feel like GameGo could be a great launcher, but it needs so much more work. Sadly there is no development anymore.