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[Tutorial] Install mods on android build

A topic by SizuK created 26 days ago Views: 99 Replies: 1
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Its a weird way but since android have a diferent way to read app data files this may work

From renpy's wiki:



This might not exist, in which case you may create it. Files in this directory are loaded in preference to files in the androids packages, which means that patches can be placed in this directory .


This works in the same way for mod files

Place the mod game folder in


(the game internal name can change depending of the game) 

Example of old cg kota mod in Android


How the folder looks (w full path) 

(the traceback error was because i loaded an old save file) 

Anyway, make sure to backup your save data, some mods may not work or have some errors if the android build is different from pc build

If you want to remove the mod just delete the "game" folder, make sure to not delete any other thing outside of that folder. 

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This works with mods that alter the game script 

Tested with Non-Binary versión