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Alpha 1 Release Sticky

A topic by pkyrkos7 created Jun 20, 2018 Views: 48
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Release "Alpha 1" Features

Alpha 1 is the initial release of the game. It features :

- Initial Release - Basic game mechanisms - Multiplayer mode (free for all) up to 6 players. - Several multiplayer maps depending on the amount of players. - Flag and sails color choosing for multiplayer. - 3 different weapons - In game settings to change graphics level, total audio volume and mouse sensitivity for in game camera.

Version Notes

- This is the first alpha release of the game so it's far from completed and there's a lot of things yet to be implemented. Also there will probably be bugs, so if you encounter any contact me and let me know!

- If controls doesn't fit you, you can change them using the game launcher before you load the game.

In the topic you can post bugs or give your feedback about this version.