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Mark is Hungry!

Have Mark eat as much food as possible! Avoid bombs and ghosts! · By thatghost1234

Mark is Hungry! Released! Sticky

A topic by thatghost1234 created Oct 10, 2022 Views: 37
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Mark is Hungry!

Play Here! (Note that the website might not be online, give replit a second to wake up before you play.)

Mark is Hungry is a game made for the MarkJam 5 game jam.


  • Movement - The player is controlled by the mouse movement.
  • Inspect Move - To toggle inspect mode, press the d key.
  • Pause - Click the screen. Only works in game scene.
  • Mute - To toggle mute, press the m key.


  • Food - The food entity has a number of sprites, and is what is most often on the screen. Gives 1 point when collected.
  • Coin - Similar to the food entity, but whenever collected it gives 2 points instead of 1.
  • Bomb - Try to avoid this as much as possible! Whenever collected you lose the game and your score is cleared.
  • Enemy - These are the ghosts that appear on the page. Unlike other entities, enemies are not affected by gravity, instead they chase mark! They fade away after a second. Whenever collected you lose the game and your score is cleared.