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Featureful NES assets studio based off the classic "NES Screen Tool". It's the "famitracker" of NES graphics. · By FrankenGraphics

Video tutorials & feature trailers Sticky

A topic by FrankenGraphics created Sep 21, 2022 Views: 441 Replies: 8
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In this topic i'll post Voice-overed & subtitled video tutorials and feature trailers. Here's the first off the workbench.

-Drag selection
-Drag-move contents
-Drag-swap contents
-Drag-clone contents
-Pixel grid (Ctrl+G)
-Normal NES attribute grid rules

-Opening the new Navigator [F6]
-Scrolling the camera with the navigator
-Double click to zoom in and out.
-Showing the new Screen Grid
 -Making a large, multiple screens spanning selection and performing a Cut (Ctrl+X) on it. 
-Using the camera box lines as a moveable guide for selections
-Drag-swap a large portion of the stage to another place
-Editing Metasprite Labels in the Metasprite Manager
-Moving metasprites, along with their Labels, up and down the list
-Quickly having a peek at new settings in the Preferences dialog (Ctrl+P)

Hi FrankenGraphics. I would like to know if there is any application similar to NEXXT but with support for SNES 16 Bit games. Thanks in advance.


Hi! I'm not aware of one at this time (which isn't to say there isn't one, but i haven't heard of it).  Unless this changes, i'd probably use a generic, well-featured pixel art tool like Aseprite in indexed mode, and rely on converting the assets instead. 

You can use NEXXT *somewhat* for simple 2bpp mode background graphics for the SNES too (for example mode 0 graphics, like SMW uses), but you can only edit one layer at a time then. And you need to supply your own system palette to replace the default one. 

YY-CHR has multiformat tile editing that works for the SNES as well, but it doesn't have the best layout capabilities, so it's virtually no good for level design. 

I might expand NEXXT to deliberately cover some areas outside the NES in the future (that doesn't act counter its main objective interfacewise), but for now all attention is on making it better for NES graphics use. 


Sort of an NEXXT primer. goes over most of the basics and aims to make you comfortable with some of its most handy hotkeys.

I already used YY-CHR to edit GFX files of Super Mario World sprites, but I don't know how to edit levels, because when I load any Super Nintendo ROM, the graphics appear illegible, even if I use the SNES graphic mode.


Unfortunately, this a bit out of scope both for NEXXT, and for my own personal expertise. 
The only further advice i can give would be join the SMW central community, and to browse through its resources:


-Screen aligned x4 grids
-Flex-pasting tiles (paste to fit box selection boundaries)
-Exporting subpalettes to text with session name and set in its label

For more details, check the changelog of entry 0.20.0.


Tile based collision editing in NEXXT. Make and export collision tables.