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Downloadable Version?

A topic by BeastBoiii2000 created Sep 19, 2022 Views: 81 Replies: 3
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Absolutely in love with this game!
Can you upload a downloadable version, that I can play while I am bored doing my homework and stuff?


Thank you! Sadly I have not been able to keep the itch version up to date, so I only kept the web version. I moved my game to Steam. On Steam, there is a free demo you can download for Windows and Linux and that is the most up to date version of this demo. The reason I did not want to keep the downloadable version on here was because the files that this version and the Steam version create cause a bunch of conflicts if not used by the correct version.


Didnt know that this game had a steam release! If that's the case, Imma download that instead. Thanks for letting me know <3


o7 Here is the link