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A topic by cubee created Sep 13, 2022 Views: 4,256
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Hello and welcome to the Terra Wiki section! Here you can find useful information about Terra and many of the differences it has from Terraria.

By the way, spoilers ahead! I suppose you would know that though, if you’re going to a wiki.


You can view crafting recipes in the following PICO-8 cartridge, originally made by jo560hs: Terra Recipe Book


  • You start with a Wooden Sword instead of a Copper Shortsword, like the 3DS version.
  • Shade Bow and Magic Mirror are dropped from Shadow Orbs, with the Musket being the third drop rather than the first.
  • King Slime's summon does not require gold, and he is optional as his only drops are the three ores. Think of him as a renewable source of ore.
  • The Eye of Cthulhu is the only source of Demonite, which is useful for crafting a variety of items.
  • Ocram exists here as a substitute for the Eater of Worlds and Wall of Flesh. Craft the summon for him using a Demonite Bar and 6 Rotten Chunks. He drops a Soul Of Blight, which is used with Gold Bars to craft a Cursed Forge and unlock Terra's endgame recipes, as well as a few Demonite Bars.
  • Plantera, the final boss, is summoned by using a craftable Plantera Bulb in the Jungle, rather than destroying a naturally spawning one. She drops a Golden Seed, each of which allows you to craft one of two final weapons.

Mob Drops

  • All slimes and Zombies drop Gel, with Zombies and bigger Slimes dropping more than smaller Slimes.
  • Black and Yellow Slimes sometimes respectively drop Iron and Silver in addition to Gel.
  • Spiked Jungle Slimes can also drop a Stinger
  • Demon Eyes can drop Lenses.
  • Eaters of Souls can drop Rotten Chunks.
  • Cave bats can drop Mushrooms.
  • Jungle Bats can drop Leafy Seeds.
  • Hornets can drop Stingers.
  • Skeletons drop arrows, and additionally can rarely drop an Iron Bar.
  • All Beetles drop Beetle Husks. Cyan Beetles drop some Iron Ore as well.
  • All boss minions drop healing hearts.


  • Terra actually originated on TIC-80 as a Terraria-style game, rather than a demake. Of course, at that time I had very little skill in Lua and programming in general, and as such it is very broken. I suppose you could use it as a symbol of how much I've improved over the 3-4 years between the most recent versions of the original Terra and the new Terra. Still can't do slopes though.
  • I didn't think I would continue to work on this much after posting the initial GIF to the PICO-8 Discord, but then the positive reception there motivated me to continue.
  • The reason I added Ocram wasn't just because he was simpler to program, it was also sort of an homage to the 3DS version of Terraria, which was the version I "completed" my first playthrough. I say that in quotes because I never got around to defeating Duke Fishron; the screen is too small to see where he is! Anyway, I felt kind of bad for him because he's got an interesting design but was stuck on the 3DS.
  • There is an old "multicart" version on one of the pages of this thread, which was a path I was considering taking in order to get saving and loading worlds by handling world generation and loading in a separate cartridge.
  • Originally, I wasn't planning to add saving into the single cart version of the game, or even customisable characters, but then PICO-8 0.2.4 was announced. Native big maps!? With many a token saved, I put the parts together and behold, it worked!

Known issues

If you find a bug not listed here, please post a comment about it and how to reproduce it, if possible.
  • Walls are technically solid blocks as there is only one tile layer, so nothing can be placed in front of them. To combat this, as of 1.2.3 furniture tiles automatically draw walls behind themselves when near a wall and as of 1.4.1 they also break walls if placed over one.
  • The surface music will not change to the night music at night time unless you are standing on a grass, dirt, or stone tile. Standing on any other tile either changes the music to a biome theme, or keeps whatever music is currently playing.
  • The current time and smashed Shadow Orb count are saved in the player file rather than the world file.
  • Plantera can in fact be summoned on the surface and lured into other biomes (even the Corruption) without consequence. I am not going to fix this, as I don't believe it's important enough to spend the required tokens on.
  • There are performance issues, however these occur relatively rarely. It usually only results in the draw rate dropping to 30FPS so most of the time you should only notice it running a little less smooth than usual.
  • The bottom-right-most tile in the world will not save properly, which I believe is due to PICO-8's positive number limit being from 0 to 32767, while the tile locations in the save file go from 1 to 32768. I name this tile Tian, short for "Terra, In A Nutshell".