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Items no longer spawning in front of raft.

A topic by iMiilli created May 29, 2018 Views: 2,178 Replies: 4
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after crashing into an island and my raft rotating, I can no longer rotate it back to its original orientation (known bug). Using sails to propel my raft forward in the correct direction, nothing is spawning in front of the raft ruining the gameplay. Any help?

I have the same thing and its awful my whole world is useless

Same thing here, stuck in a stormy sea with no items spawning after hitting an island and peddling myself free. played for hours to get to this point and don't really feel like starting over.

Dang i spent so long in this save. it was my first as well

im sad

life is sad

i killed 4 sharks

its rainy


why am i still writing

4 minutes later stuff started spawning when i turned off my sail :)