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Initiated SRD

A Systems Reference Document for use in storytelling games with a mechanical edge. · By Loreshaper Games

Updates Sticky

A topic by Loreshaper Games created Sep 09, 2022 Views: 15
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Developer (1 edit)

I'm preparing for a v0.2 update.

The big changes have been some refinements to the core content and a couple layout changes, plus more guidance for hacking and advancing the system.

I'm interested in hearing from people who have looked at and used Initiated (as well as people who chose not to use Initiated) about features they'd like to see.

In particular, I have the following questions:

  1. Does the hacking guidance section work? Would people prefer having pre-built rules to add in as they see fit?
  2. Do the three generic layers work well? They're the original core I built Hammercalled/Initiated from, but they were always meant for more adaptation?
  3. Does the character sheet work? Are there any other formats/styles for character sheets and logos that people would like?