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Featureful NES assets studio based off the classic "NES Screen Tool". It's the "famitracker" of NES graphics. · By FrankenGraphics

Gif tutorials Sticky

A topic by FrankenGraphics created Aug 27, 2022 Views: 359 Replies: 7
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In this thread i'll post some short GIF clips where elementary actions are showcased. 
I'll post one each post so they may be commented in subthreads. 

These GIF:s are the byproduct of semi-regular documentation sessions i hold on my Patreon blog and its dedicated discord. 

  Quickly selecting colour and subpalette:


Box selection.


Select tile by reference. 


Swap tile places.

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Using colour protect masks, example 1:

Using colour protect masks, example 2:

Observe that the mask buttons can be controlled in group if you click on them with modifier keys. 
Hold the mouse hovering over one of the 4 buttons to read the options available in the status bar.

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  • Using Brush
  • Using brush with quantize mode
  • Using brush with brush mask

Pen / brush can be toggled with [B] in CHR Editor, or with [Shift+B] anywhere. 

Quantize mode can be toggled with [N} in CHR Editor, or with [Shidt+N] anywhere.

Brush Mask Editor can be opened with [M] in CHR Editor, or by right-clicking [Brush] button, or with [Shift+F4] anywhere. 


Removing unused tiles, sorting the remainder. 
Note that the metasprite automatically re-indexes its tile references. This is new in NEXXT.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

New in nexxt 0.18.3 - give unused (or duplicate) tiles an ID pattern.

a) menu > patterns > Find unused (or Ctrl + U)
b) menu > patterns > generate > Fill tiles with numbers
c) Deselect (Ctrl + Shift + A)