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Cave Story Randomizer

A Cave Story mod which shuffles weapons, equipment, and upgrades. · By shru

Getting an error trying to use this with Wine

A topic by CrucialSpark created Aug 25, 2022 Views: 19
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So, I'm trying to use this for CS+, and i'm using Wine for the randomiser as well as for CS+ itself since I'm on a Mac, and after dragging the CS+ folder into the randomiser I get this error:


util.lua:12: Z:\Users\kaelan\Downloads\Cave Story Randomizer-win32/data/base/Stage/MazeO.tsc: No such file or directory


[C]: in function 'assert'

util.lua:12: in function 'writeFile'

tsc_file.lua:205: in function 'writeTo'

randomizer.lua:158: in function '_writeModifiedData'

randomizer.lua:38: in function 'randomize'

main.lua:58: in function <main.lua:56>

[C]: in function 'xpcall'

Is there a possible fix for this or should I just stick to the times I can actually use proper Windows?