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Can you bear the weight of your destiny? · By Kieran Sheldon

Game Review

A topic by Ametryst created May 10, 2018 Views: 229
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I really love this game. Platforms are fun for a lot of players, and I think this one is uniquely well motivated. The art, music, and overall mood makes the game compelling. I love the narrarator, and feel that the storyline is meaningful without being hoity-toity or making serious stuff unrealistically light. 

The game itself wasn’t a very long play- took me (a decent platformer player) around an hour (although I wasn’t really counting). If you want to try a great platformer with a brilliantly executed atmosphere, especially if youve ever felt alone while struggling with mental health issues, I really recommend this game. 

Congratulations  to the creator, for making a really amazing piece of art!