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Blind Trust

A two-player, cooperative game where the deaf leads the blind on a fantasy island · By BlindTrust

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A topic by BlindTrust created Apr 29, 2016 Views: 817
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As of build 4.1.0 (4/29/2016):
  1. Do not start a new game in the instance the previous game was running in; this will cause a crash. Close the game entirely to start a new game.
  2. Sometimes, inconsistently, players will get stuck in the tutorial, i.e. even though they did the required step the tutorial does not advance. To resolve, close the game entirely then begin again.
  3. Intermittently, the audio puzzle light won't flash for the soldier, and the audio won't ping for the oracle.
  4. There are multiple locations where colliders do not meet so getting stuck in the environment around the edges is possible.