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Beneath A Cursed Moon

A Gothic fantasy tabletop roleplaying game. · By Karrius

Custom Monsters

A topic by laserSoda created Jul 25, 2022 Views: 195 Replies: 2
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Hi! Just bought the game last night, and after reading through the rules I was wondering if there are any tips or general things I should know to create custom monsters that are balanced and stuff like that. Sort of like the template playbook that comes with a little guide on how to create good playbooks.  Also, I haven't played it yet, but I loved how the book was written! The rules were easy to follow and the flavor text was really helpful in inspiring me to prepare a session, so great job on that! 


Thank you for your support and kind words, it really means a lot!

Page 76 has some guidelines on roughly how strong monsters should be, in terms of harm, damage, and the like. Compared to playbooks, monsters tend to have a lot more variation - for a game about mysteries and weird, scary things, you want some different effects each time so things don't become stale. As such, I never made a strict list of powers that were repeated across monsters, like I would for a heroic fantasy game. For any new weirder powers, my biggest suggestion would be to see if there are any monsters with a similar effect and go from there - or also see about substituting in similar spells from the PC spell lists, as some monsters do.


Oh I see, that sounds good, thanks for the tips! The game is a lot of fun btw! I finally played it with friends last friday and we had a great time lol