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not working on Mac iOS..?

A topic by heatherw created May 05, 2018 Views: 215 Replies: 2
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I downloaded the game and used Keka to extract the file

then it went into downloads as a folder 

I clicked on the folder and clicked Mac 

I saw the tree game icon

clicked on it

and a finder icon came up saying

"the application "t a k e  y o u r  t i m e Alpha 0.5" can't be opened."

help pls



Sorry for the delay, I'm not checking the game page so often lately! Anyway, about your problem:

I unfortunately can't try to execute the game directly on a Mac machine (not having one), so I would like you to try a couple of things before I try on someone's else Mac. First, try to make the game executable using the terminal. So, open it and navigate to the game folder, then write " chmod +x t a k e  y o u r  t i m e Alpha 0.5 (the exact name of the executable file you clicked on to open the game)". If you can't find the filename just type "chmod +x" while inside the folder.

Try again and please report if it works after that!

Thank you for downloading the game.

It's not working for me on mac, the game is not up to date on mac, so thats the reason why.