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Remove noise and echo from recordings in post! · By Xaymar

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A topic by Xaymar created Jul 22, 2022 Views: 583
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Hey, welcome to the discussion board! Whether you're just looking to share your opinion or need help, please read the text below - it'll make it much easier to help you if you need help, and may clear up any confusion you may have related to the VST plug-in itself.

I need support, what should I provide to get a reply?

At minimum you should provide the most recent log file(s) created by VoiceFX, which you can find at "%LocalAppData%\Xaymar\VoiceFX\logs". Simply bundle these into a .zip file and attach them to your support topic. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also attach a dxdiag log file, as well as a System Information log file.

Can I use this plug-in in real-time VST hosts?

Maybe, but officially not recommended. While the plug-in itself is designed for off-line processing entirely, some real-time VST hosts are more robust and handle it much better than the rest. No extra effort however will be made to maintain or extend support for real-time VST hosts - if it works in one version I won't guarantee that it works in the next version.

Which VST hosts are known to work?

VST Host Application
Adobe Audition
✅ 0.2.0
✅ 0.2.0
Adobe Premiere Pro
✅ 0.3.4
✅ 0.3.0
DaVinci Resolve

Equalizer APO
✅ 0.4.2N/A
FL Studio 20
✅ 0.3.4✅ 0.3.4
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