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Steam Marines 2

Steam Marines 2 - a steampunk tactics game · By WorthlessBums

Initial thoughts from first 10 mins

A topic by DeabDev created May 01, 2018 Views: 602 Replies: 2
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Didn't play the first game, and not seen any media so fresh eyes here!

  • Choosing a class for you commander - I was confused by this at first, suggest adding a clear heading as to the current choice (took me a moment to notice it in the description).
  • Also a default name/call sign/surname would be good, I skipped entering these so kept seeing ''''. If this is a rogue-like, a default would help.
  • Escape key doesnt close windows (relationships panel, loadout screen).
  • Grenade item - I expected to throw this, so wasted the turn (I know the description says drop, but thats not how you use a grenade).
  • Tried 3 games, and ending with < black screen >  'you commander died', would be nice to see how / what killed him. I encountered a patriach(sp?) early in my second game, seemed to be 1 damage per hit, and had 12 (or more hit points). I did head straight to a planet, but wasn't immediately obvious this was a tougher map than others (if that is the case!)
  • 1 hit kills from enemies you haven't seen is a bit harsh, maybe just drop to 1 hp?
  • Overall found the maps very dark, doors were hard to make out on the spaceship level, and the lens flares/glows were a bit much.
  • Exit button on main menu doesn't appear to work.

Hi, Deab.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree the UI/UX needs work and the Commander creation screen is far from ideal. I'll see what I can do about escape closing top level menus and adding some sort of randomized default names for the Commander.

Regarding grenades: One of the reasons I made them drop at the marine location instead of being thrown is I wanted more emphasis on marine positioning. I would like more feedback about this from other players, but generally realism is not a reason I find particularly persuasive, although if everyone is constantly confused by this I would take that as a sign!

The difficulty of each planet/derelict ship is not perfectly balanced. Each level has a set pool of enemies that can potentially be spawned (e.g. robot enemies tend to appear on robot ships, alien enemies tend to appear on alien ships), and so there is variance there. While it's not immediately clear to new players what those pools are, part of the information given is what armor upgrades are given at each planet. I felt that this coupled with random classes for your starting marine squad might help influence players.

The damage of ranged enemies could be lowered somewhat. As there are no difficulty levels/options in SM2 as of right now I was trying to reach a moderate level of difficulty but I probably missed that on my first shot. I am getting gameplay analytics so I'll be adjusting based on what I see!

Yes, the fog of war may be a bit overbearing on some wall/door sections, I'll take a look at that. I have plans to adjust bloom and such in a future update so players can decide on how much visual eye candy they want.

May I ask what platform (Win/Mac) and version you're on? First I've heard of the exit button not working!

Hope I didn't come over too negative, appreciate its an early build!

For the grenades I suggest renaming them. Appreciate the positioning importance.

I'm running on Windows 10. Just fired up again and the Exit button worked fine, both before starting a game and after playing, so wouldn't worry about it unless further reports!