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love it!

A topic by Golden Wreath Games created Jul 06, 2022 Views: 327 Replies: 1
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I just wanted to say I'm so impressed with this game. Mechanically its really simple, roll some dice, get some resources, spend resources to get better dice roles, with a risk reward element.

But the writing is so good, and having the resources be knowledge really adds to the worldbuilding and feeling that you really are out there exploring strange new worlds. It really feels like I'm playing someone in charge weighing risks and making all the decisions. Normally I hate overall time limits in games (or turn limits in this case) but it works out so well in this game, forcing you to take risks you otherwise wouldnt. And when these risks result in someone's death it really does feel like your decisions lead to that. It hurts both mechanically (losing a high level character will affect the gameplay) and emotionally, I feel genuinely guilty when I cause someone to die because I wanted to stay on a planet for that little bit longer, knowing they were already pretty injured.

Having a discoveries tab that lists every single discovery you find, and collating all the data on the different civilizations you find is also great. You aren't just collecting data/resources but you are collecting all this information that you can read up on and imagine these alien worlds and galaxies.

I stabilized the gate in my second run, but I'm eager to go again and find new civilizations, get more achievements and seek out that ultimate ending.
(also well done devs for submitting the game to the reproductive rights bundle)


All the enjoyment and replayability of Seedship, and with more to do.  It might be thirty years since I bought a game, but I was glad to buy this. I hope any future release adds more. Thank you and well done.