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Required Spine Animation Names Sticky Locked

A topic by silverstraw created Jul 04, 2022 Views: 75
This topic was locked by silverstraw Jul 06, 2022
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Developer (3 edits)

Spine Vtuber Prototype uses these animations:

Note: Spaces in animation name can be substituted with hyphens ( - ) or underscores ( _ ).

  1. breathe
  2. face pitch down
  3. face pitch up
  4. face roll left
  5. face roll right
  6. face yaw left
  7. face yaw right
  8. idle
  9. left brow raise
  10. left eye open
  11. left pupil pitch down
  12. left pupil pitch up
  13. left pupil yaw left
  14. left pupil yaw right
  15. mouth height
  16. mouth width
  17. right brow raise
  18. righteye open
  19. right pupil pitch down
  20. right pupil pitch up
  21. right pupil yaw left
  22. right pupil yaw right

All these animations need to be created for the model for it to work in Spine Vtuber Prototype. If you are missing any of the required animations, Spine Vtuber Prototype will pop-up alert you about it.

Each animation represents the range of motion for a given parameter except for idle and breathe. For example "mouth height" represents the mouth range from closed to open, where the first frame is the mouth closed, and the last frame you set is the mouth 100% open. You can set any FPS and create multiple keyframes on the timeline to represent the range of movement. You want to to animate within one second. Any animation past one second could be ignored by this application. For example, if you set your Spine file for 60 FPS, you should not try to animate past 60 frames.

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