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Somewhat extensive feedback

A topic by Hermes Belmont created Jun 05, 2022 Views: 418
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=== Level Structure: ===

== Calder's Mission: ==

Lack of direction:

- this map shows complete lack of direction.

when you start this level, the expectation is that I should move foward,

but I need to go down and to the right, which seems to be the right path.

but also feels a bit like its a exploration level,

but its a on-time level, so exploration and ontime doesnt match well.

- the floating platforms right at the beginning of the level are useless and don't match the gameplay

because it's a speedy game.

- The hazards on this level kill you instantly and make you retry it. 

you should go back to a checkpoint like on the second level.

or get some kind of damage, like your character falls and that delays you.

== Sky Port (Structure): ==

This level has a much better structure than the previous one.

it has arrows with directions that show where you should go and that is a good thing for this type of game.

I often felt clumsy playing it, and I imagine on these types of games you'd want your player to feel

acrobatic or some sort of parkour master, like assasin's creed.

on the part where you climb the cranes... it's very unclear that you have to climb it.

I recommend an arrow pointing upwards and maybe a glowing aura on the grinding spot.

but this aura is like a tutorial aura, that would disappear after first usage.

== Sky Port (Gamefeel): ==

it makes me feel a bit like playing a sonic game.

I'd say this level still needs a bit more of work in giving the player a sense of direction but it's the

best out of the others on this aspect, which you should give it a go more.

player like to feel like they know what they're doing and they know where to go.

when player's feel lost or don't know what to do, they often think they don't like the game

and don't want to play it.

I had friends who played shadow of the colossus, but they failed to know that they're supposed to follow

the light of the sword, and they just wandered around, lost, and gave up the game. 

so, a sense of direction and knowing what they're doing, will keep the players engaged for a longer time

and make them experience more of what you want them to experience, therefore getting to like the game.

the "coins" on the first level work to a certain degree to give the player a sense of direction

but its not as good as the arrows. there are many players who don't care about coins or power ups in a game.

like me, I don't pick coins usually, or power ups, only if I know they're good and not too hard to get.

== Interchange: ==

Again, the level lacks on direction a lot here like the first one, to a point where is frustrating.

some of the collection spots are up others are down, and there's stairs on your way but they're not the

place you're supposed to go.

(That's how I felt on my first run)

On my second run I was able to find my way better, and it feels... a bit small.

but it feels good.

Third run feels a bit better. 1min 30sec this time.

this level is more enjoyable. short and open. its good.

it feels like something is missing tho, but I believe it will be filled on the final version.

with art style and things that look cool on the stage. 

I think this is a better level 1 than Calder's Mission.

== Grinding: ==

and when you're grinding, the camera automatically moves to the direction you're grinding to.

it bothers me, making that an option to turn off would be great.

and when you're grinding and it's supposed to go straight into other grinding spot, it doesn't.

== Additional Features: ==

It would be good to add a button press like R3 on the PS controller to be pressed in order

to auto move the camera to the direction the character is facing.

I like to move the camera around myself as a manual camera, and to be able to see right in front of me

quickly I usually use R3 in games.

== Misc, Bugs & Notes: ==

= cheats: = 

- You can infinetly grind in the walls, once the character finishes the grind, if you jump after it, it will continue.

- You can climb and wall by repeatedly jumping and changing directions.

= Small buggies: =

- sometimes the grinding spot is not well uh... recognized by whatever functions you're using and other times it's over recognized so it seems to "activate" the grinding function multiple times, so the grinding sound spams a lot and the character floats a bit in the air.

- the stairs on the second level don't work well. it seems that when you come running and run into them, the character speed suddenly change as to be a "speed while climbing stairs type of function". and the sides of the character seem to bump on the stairs handles as well as if the collision boxes of the stair are a bit big.

= Notes: =

- I like the look of the character, Gabi. I'd say the animation might need a bit more of smoothing.

- I wish the character would have a voice and make sounds when jumping, dashing, and multiple of them

not just one or it would get boring. and maybe some phrases after the run and before, or after a nice jump or when you get hit.

- I like the 2D characters on the first level, but I keep spinning around them to see their full body

but it hurst my brain cause they're just a 2D image spinning lol. I'd rather they don't spin at all like a hologram

or be fully 3D..

- You could implement manouvers, like the Tony hawk series. or not. lol 

- The character is somewhat slippery, like its on ice.

- the 90 degree camera view is too close, the 120 is better.

- you can't grind on the side walls of the first level. it seems to be a intended feature.

as to not fall of of the stage. but it feels a bit counterintuitive to the natural abilities of the character.

- I'd recommend a tutorial level to introduce the game features.

with glowing auras around grinding spots and arrows that show directions. these arrows could also glow and move

a bit but not too much glow, like low saturation. 

the turorial level I'd recommend something like:

block stairs to introduce jump. 

"press X to jump"

higher block stairs to introduce double jumps. 

"press X twice to perform a double jump"

then big hole areas to grind on wall, once player fell in hole bring him back to before the hole. 

"Jump by the side of the wall to slide on it"

then places for the player to "slide crouch"(?, I don't know how its called.) and arrows pointing downwards on the wall.

"Press Circle to perform a "slide crouch" "

And I still don't know what the "rolling dash" is for, the character runs faster than is, so i see no point so far...

Unless it's to quickly change directions, but I'm still not sure of its functionality... maybe if it was a back dash

that would make the player automatically change direction it could be implemented somehow...

I checked the how to play section and it explains a bit better, so I think those explanations should definitely

be on a tutorial level.

the fighting feature I'm not very sure about it. will have to see on further releases.

each of these obstacles should have a repetition of at least 5 times.

== My Settings ==

I played with a PS4 controller.

- I had Camera Smoothing disabled. 

- Field of vision 120 Degree.

- Input for Horizontal and Vertical Look Sensitivity to 1.

== Music: ==

the music is good.

I'm not good at criticising music.