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A topic by The Zeta Team created Jun 02, 2022 Views: 96,702 Replies: 14
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We have a website dedicated to the game's different versions. (a little secret we also added an experimental version with new animations...). Anyway, here is the link: Project X Love Potion Disaster Archives (

call me stupid, but can I get a step by step guide on this cause when I open the app from the files I hear audio but I got no visual, and when I try to download from the site it downloads some virtual disc drive thing and when I try to put the game files in there there isn't enough space for them

Zeta team, when i download the game and extract the file, the app just disapeer, is there a way to fix this


Did you try downloading the file from our website? If not then go here: The Zeta Team Official Website.


hey so is it supposed to send me through the ouo link and that one that just screams that its a scam?


It is not supposed to do that...

We are very sorry for your inconvenience.

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with the experimental test release one it says it has a virus not letting me open it is there anything i can do

i just scanned the games and there are 3 viruses in the latest version

Yo make a android version

Is this a joke because if you search it on the search in itch this dont pop up are you even the real Zeta Team?

nope its real

Isn't itch's search thing legendarily shit though? I can't look up anything by name and actually find it


mine wont open even tho i downloaded it , what do i do?

could have a mod that adds Sonic :/