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strum the sound spectrum to create strange sounds · By Dami Quartz

SICK VST instrument

A topic by t3h_m00kz created Mar 10, 2018 Views: 510 Replies: 2
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This VST is crazy. The bitcrushing is unlike anything I've ever heard.

I noticed right-clicking the harp input crashes.

Few things I'd like would be to specify the hertz range down to the number, and to be able to hold notes. Right now I'm bumping decay to max, holding down click and slightly rotating my cursor to hold the notes at each edge.

Thanks for the sweet release!


Thanks for the feedback, I'll make some notes for myself.

Regarding the right-click crash - can you tell me the DAW you are using and the plug version (eg VST 32-bit, VST3 64-bit, etc).


This crash is fixed in v1.1.0!