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Management Remake + Demon's dream Demo Funding!

Management Remake + Demon's dream - gay erotic game funding event · By Red Room Collective

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A topic by Firelonmi created Apr 05, 2022 Views: 256 Replies: 3
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Hi!I just paid for the USD 50 tier,and there is a be-in-the-game reward? Will you contact us by email or otherwise when this right is available? Or can we only passively consult the changelog for information? Sometimes I am so busy with work that I am worried that I will miss this event.

Developer (1 edit)

Follow us on Itch. The 50$ page will get updated. To be honest, nobody had tried to do a " Kickstarter" on Itch.IO so It's very new for us too. 
Just in case, be sure to activate your Itch email configuration in your Itch account Option so that Itch send you Email each time we update one of our reward page!! ( "New devlogs and updates from projects I follow and new uploads are added to something I brought or follow")

The 50$ Exhbitionnist page will get updated immediately at the end of the crowdfunding event. You'll get a special google form to send all your information and pictures!

Understood. Thanks!


Check your exhibitionnist tier, the google form is out!