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I deleted the entire DDLC game files folder, how do I get them back?

A topic by SunakoKirishiki created Mar 07, 2018 Views: 1,562 Replies: 5
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I'm replaying the game to get the good ending (I deleted it and reinstalled), but I just realized I also deleted the game files... the game seems to work normally without the game files, but if I get the Just Monika ending and have to delete her, I can't without the game files... does anyone know how to get the game files back? I know they're there, because the game is working normally, but they're not in my files anywhere.

Check your Trash or Recycling Bin for the game files.  You should be able to restore them from there. 

You can probably just redownload the game if you have to, lol. That's why I keep the zip file on me.

i deleted monika and now i relized i fucked up bad


You have to delete Monika to get the best ending, but did you get each girl's CG images?

well you can either reinstall the game to get folder back or delete the file named firstrun

the firstrun file has all of your data in it so if you manage to delete it you can choose to delete existing data and

"walla"the game should be back

tutorial ended:)