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Mix Life

Multiplayer Survival Game · By TabDulApp

Build 0.1.7 RC 1 Changelog & Controller Locked

A topic by TabDulApp created Apr 08, 2016 Views: 583
This topic was locked by TabDulApp Apr 10, 2016


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Developer (4 edits) (+1)

What New ?

  1. Zombies NPC
  2. Fixed Map Environment
  3. Water Environment
  4. Inventory System
  5. Hunger System
  6. Loot System (static) *will update soon
  7. New Sync Movement
  8. Chat Sistem !!!
  9. New Setting Features
  10. And Many More !!!
  11. You can Host your own Private Server
  12. You can Connect to Custom Server
  13. Simple UI just for RC1

Controller :

  • W, S, A ,D for Movement
  • Mouse for Camera Rotation
  • Left Click to Attack
  • Right Click to Aim
  • Center Mouse to Slefie Camera
  • Shift to Run
  • Space to Jump
  • Z to Prone
  • X to Duck
  • C to Stand
  • V to change from FPS to TPS (TPS to FPS)
  • I to Open inventory (you need press Escape to Show Cursors) -- will fix this later lol
  • In Inventory, Drag n Drop to move item, Righ Click to Consume / Equip
  • Enter to Chat and Submit Message
  • Escape to Open Menu and Show Cursor
  • F for Flashlight (it'll be an item for next update)
  • E to Pickup Loot item and save it to Inventory
  • F1 - F6 to Animation (Press again to stop animation)
  • F7 to Stop Animation
Issue :
  • Bug, Other Player Walk without animation in some case
  • Dark Sky when Join
  • not Random Clothes when join (no tshirt and only use Blue Jeans)