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How to play with Keyboard (from v0.1.1.0 till next controls update) Sticky

A topic by Silky Smooth Studio created Apr 07, 2016 Views: 322 Replies: 2
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Developer (Edited 1 time)

Hi everyone!

We made a lot of changes to the keyboard & mouse controls. Now you should be able to play a lot easier than before. Nevertheless, we didn't implement a help to teach you how to play with it. So, for now, I thought it was a good thing to keep having here a sort of tutorial.
Here are the controls:

In menu:

  • Move with the arrows
  • Select with Return
  • Go back with Escape
  • Remove option with Backspace
  • Q to add Terram bot, E to add Caelestian bot, Z to remove Terram bot and C to remove Caelestian bot

During combat:

  • Move using right click with your mouse
  • Aim with your mouse
  • Fire skills with Q, W, E and R
  • Dash with Spacebar or with left click of your mouse
  • Pause with Escape

Thanks a lot for playing Witchcraft and hope you have fun!

"Move making right click with your mouse"

Move using right click with your mouse


Fixed, thank you! (and sorry!)