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Humanitarian aid for Ukraine Sticky

A topic by ashtorak created Mar 06, 2022 Views: 203 Replies: 5
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I want to put 10% of the contributions (of what actually ends up on my account) into some help for people who are affected by the war in Ukraine. I haven't looked up anything yet. So you are welcome to make suggestions.

I collect the money and when it's enough I'll donate it at the end of the month or when I do the next monthly report. Just so that it's not eaten up by fees.

If 10% seems low to you, remember that your contribution is mainly to show appreciation and to support the making of the game. You decide how much this is worth to you. If you want to donate to a charity, do it directly.

I want to do this also as a motivator for me to be engaged in charitable causes on a regular basis also in the future.

Since some refugees arrived in our village, and I am driving some of them around now every week, besides other things, for the moment I will use the 10% to cover the electricity bills for charging the car when the sun isn't shining. It might just be enough for that anyway :D

Well, the refugees are gone now, from our village at least and I have been slacking a bit with attributing the money. It hasn't been much anyway, yet. So let's just collect it for the moment. From September there are going $6.40 to the pot.

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+10 from December payout

+11 from January

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+30 from March make a total of round about 60 bucks which I donated to this charity. I hope that the war will be over soon. But even after it's over, stuff like this will still be needed. First I was thinking about putting it into one of the electricity generator funds, but these  might not be needed that much anymore.