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how to run samples in code blocks on windows?

A topic by ChrKoval created Mar 01, 2022 Views: 169 Replies: 1
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Like in topic. Recently I wanted to start small to recall this neat little framework, but unfortunately I forgot how to setup code blocks to build those samples. Also I've got paid for prebuild samples but still same story as above. Cant run it. Anyone care to explain step by step how to run tilengine inside code blocks? Thanks in advance for your help :)


Hi ChrKoval

Thanks for trying tilengine and supporting it with a donation :-)

I can't give support specific on Code::Blocks as I don't use this environment so I don't know where are the project options. I assume you're using Windows, usually you have to set-up two items:

* add the folder where "Tilengine.h" to the include search path
* add Tilengine.lib to the list of included libraries.

Code::Blocks uses gcc as the build backend, so the options are always the same no matter what IDE you're using.

Good luck!