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Progress reports Sticky

A topic by Craig P created Apr 03, 2016 Views: 390 Replies: 1
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Currently: A tech demo about building space ships.

Hotfix A010: Fixed SSAO script going berserk at low quality settings.

2017-2-27 A010: PEOPLE! CREWS! HUZZAH!

Hotfix A009: Icons, fixed some UI ordering glitches.

2016-11-16 A008: Engineering display, better UI/HUD, better colliders.

2016-11-10 A007: Icons and low-quality interiors support!

2016-10-29 A006: Engineer popups and noise!

2016-10-22 A005: Part filters!

2016-10-17 Version Alpha 004: Grid features, minor fixes

2016-10-16 Version Alpha 003: Fixed camera FOV issue, bad starting pivot

Version Alpha 002: Changed camera, fixed bugs


New prototype available: the construction kit!

I've been streaming on Twitch a lot: