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Space Bob vs. The Replicons

Salvage resources to help Bob escape the Replicon invasion. Physics-based gameplay in radial gravity. · By Intravenous Software


A topic by Vlexa created Feb 12, 2018 Views: 152 Replies: 1
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I tried it a bit. more than i should. in the end i got frustrated with it. 

* In the tutorial the ships hatch could not be controlled

* The key controls are difficult for me . I am not good at lander. But the left right controlls seem to have some kind of momentum buildup thats not well feedback. I have to guess how much trust i put into the system to achieve the correct turn. Sometimes it feels  like heavyly oversteering and at other times it not enough trust to do quick turn.

* No save games? 

* there is an issue with damage on the ship. I played at the second day again and i got a replicon part INTO the ship. It keept bumping and damaging and i lost the lander in 1 min. Could not do anything. You need to turn of damage off replicon part to the lander. It would be better this way.

* I didnt play for long but i really wish for a cargo bay allreay. So far the best strategy to haul stuff is to attack a long graple line and fly over the refinery ship an lower it on the deck. Then landing is easy. Afterwards just get out and drap the haul into the chute by hand. It would be nice if the ships doors open when i am abve the ship so i can just drop the cargo on the long line into the ship. 

*no save games? it really easy to die. A bit to hard honstly for the casual nature of the game. 

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback Vlexa. Don't forget that this version of the game is the very old pre-alpha preview from nearly a year ago.  Just about every aspect of the game has changed since then.  

In the full game (about to be released on Steam), control of the lander has been tweaked in many ways, but it's meant to take time to master especially once you have loot attached to it. The game is physics based, and ensuring that you load up your lander with loot in a balanced way is part of that mechanic.

In the full-game it's no longer possible to get replicon parts inside the ship. 

You said you didn't play the game for long. The game is based around the mechanic of practice makes perfect.  If things are too easy, challenge is removed and with it the sense of progression as you improve.  I don't think any of your issues will still be issues with a little more practice.   For example, you say that it's really easy to die. This is true, and deliberate, but every way you die is easy to avoid once you know that something is dangerous. It's also very easy to upgrade to titanium armor inside the first 5-10 minutes of play which has a 50% damage reduction.

You'll die in many different ways, but never the same way twice unless you are being reckless. Every danger and hazard is easy to avoid with practice. The gameplay is all about learning what is dangerous and how to avoid it. 

Once again, remember that this is an old test version of the game that is missing nearly a year's worth of balancing tweaks and improvements that have happened since.  For example, the way that Bob, and his lander, take damage has been dramatically altered since this old release. 

In this old version collision damage was based only on the speed of impact, whereas in the full game collision damage takes into account the angle of impact. So in this build, if you barely scrape a wall at high speed you will still take high damage, but in the full game you would take nearly no damage from lightly brushing against something even at speed.  There are lots of other similar tweaks and improvements in the full game. 

There are no plans to update this old free version. It was released early in development mostly to gauge player interest and get some early feedback. The full game is a very different beast. Thanks again for the feedback though, it's all useful.