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Cheat Codes?

A topic by LurchSkywalker created Jan 31, 2022 Views: 1,639 Replies: 5
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Anyone know any, or figure any out yet?

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Lilith just tweeted them:

SOCKEM - unarmed gets a small damage boost
TOPHEAVY - big head mode
YESYOUCAN - pet dog mode
CONVOLUTED - alter time with the right stick
SPLATSILVER - paintball mode
ICHANGEDMYMINDTO + [text] - change your name
WHATIFITWAS + [text] - change 'you died' text


Awesome Sauce! Thank you!

I’m having trouble with the whatifitwas cheat, i cant figure out how to change it. I typed it all as one word, I've done the words i want with spaces, ive done them as one… help please


You need to type WHATIFITWAS, hit enter, then type the custom death message.


Wow, "WHATIFITWAS" is an easy "THANKS OBAMA" mod. I love it!