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Software Laser Synth / Abstract Generator · By BlueFang

Version 2.0? Audio input?

A topic by jimbrouwer created Feb 03, 2018 Views: 664 Replies: 6
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Hi just seen the Youtube video of V.2.0 beta

Is there a realise date lined up yet?

 (that video was posted 10th July 2017) 




Yes I'm wondering 2

The ver 2 looks very very nice

looking fa ward to trying it 


Hi Ive just purchased (love it!), very much looking forward to audio processing mode. Hows it doing? Close? A million miles away? :)

Many thanks

Hey there! YEEEES, I've been looking for an easy way of drawing from audio for quite a while now. Looking forward to v2 :D

the sneak peek looks great, any chance to open a beta?

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Dear all,

I started an audio analysis to midi CC that can send many CC to Maxwell at once. i.e. a 12 band FFT results can be sent to 12 midi learned maxwelll parameters or say the bass volume will control X size and trebble Y size.

There is  a peak frequency detector -> music note convertor. Maybe like bass driven could be highly saturated and note obsiously can or cannot trigger maxwell preset.

This little piece is also OSC compatible so can receive OSC and forward it Maxwell through midi

I'm interested in someone who have midi experience with maxwell to speed up things.



Any update on this? How can i make the oscilloscope x/y plot like in this video: 

Can i make this effect by routing audio to midi?