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The World Begins With You

An atmospheric puzzle-platformer-adventure. · By Fabian Denter

Review and some major problems I faced

A topic by CcKass created Feb 02, 2018 Views: 382 Replies: 1
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Know this game when swiping across the IGN's snapchat so I decided to give it a try and this is my review after complete the game :)

Things I like:

1) Graphic is BEAU· TI · FUUULLLL !!!!!

2) The lighting is more than beautiful <3 <3 <3

4) The camera angle worked so well at certain part, every screenshot could be a wallpaper <3

5) Calming atmosphere

6) The stone maze is very cool

7) Those quotes are very nice

8) Have the potential to become those very inspiring & calming  type of indie game if the story is longer 

The problems I faced:

1) Motion blur. I'm fine with the motion blur on character, but when the game started in a narrow room/hallway the motion blur on camera turn can let me lose my direction instantly and feel dizzy. But when it is at outside, bigger place I'm fine w the motion blur. Perhaps put a setting there to let player choose to enable/disable motion blur?

2) The character is too tiny and hard to locate, he is almost a dot in the screen. I know the tiny-ness of the character might has some sort of concept in it, or it can use to showcasing the beauty of environment, but it can be frustrated for me to not knowing where the character is and stuck at a wall/corner. This make me hard to estimate character's distance when jumping from a platform to another and results in fall to death as the character is both tiny and shadow beneath him is too soft. This situation become worse when it come to the maze and stone maze part, when the character is in the shadow I really can't see him, he is like 99% blend into the shadow, while at the stone maze, the stone block is completely block the character out of sight, so the only thing I can do is go random direction until I see him again. The top-down camera in mazes session is quite good since we can see the path, but couldn't see the character is quite a problem for me. Perhaps make the camera closer or make the needle thing behind the character shine brighter so that we can see a blue shiny dot on the screen and know where he is?

3) Not able to control camera. Fixed camera can be useful to frame the scene as developer wanted and create a beautiful scene, but it gives player some disadvantages like not able to calculate the distance and fall to death (it happen to me quite a lot due to this problem), not knowing the character stucked in a wall because the wall is too high/ foreground is in the certain part of the screen that blocked out the character.  There is a part when I reach a monument on a square stone, I keep pressing E while standing in front of the stone but nothing happen, get frustrated a bit, started to run around, then finally I realised the stone was actually quite high and I need to jump on it to reach the monument, I couldn't tell the height or depth of the stone from the fixed camera angle. The problem of fixed camera angle also affected the mazes session as I cannot roll the camera over to see the character.  Perhaps dev could let the player adjust just a little bit angle (maybe few degree if full control over camera is not suitable) like a little bit lean/rotate left or right to let player have a peek to the character and navigate the platform distance, or also add the invisible wall at those path that is easy to fall off it?

4) Control's response have a little bit delay/not responsive. This is a minor problem although I have fall to death few times because I expected he jump immediately when I pressed SPACE but he paused a very short period before actually jump  and when moving he didn't changed his direction to exactly the direction I input, but it is okay and tolerable since this is not a heavy action game. 

5) Button mechanic of the first maze. This is also a minor problem, the button mechanic will work better and noticeable if could introduce in a simple puzzle before the maze or put some shiny blue mark on the diamond shape rock. I seen the diamond shape rock on the wall during the path before the maze but those rock didn't serve any purpose so I didn't think the diamond rock in the maze indicated there is a button, took me few time backtracking before know that it is a button. 

Thanks for making this wonderful game I wish you success in all of your projects!! :D


Hey there, thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed review! Many of the things you mention are true and valid criticism and I agree to most of them. I am happy that you were still able to see the good sides, too! I am not planning to extend this game any time soon or fix some of its game design issues. It  was more like a one-off two week jam-thing, but feedback like this will be extremely helpful for developing games in the future :)