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More romance flexibility?

A topic by Marqueree created Jan 31, 2018 Views: 1,563 Replies: 2
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Hey Pathea team! I was wondering if you considered possibility of polyamorous romance/relationships in My Time at Portia? I'm yet to encounter such mechanic in any game at all and thought it might be interesting? Like, a whole mechanic for making two possible interests liking eacho ther while also liking you, that kind of stuff.

(It's totally not at all dictated by my inability to choose between Gust and Arlo, nuh-huh, not at all.)


And also add new male characters or edit the existing ones because all the girls are like SUPER hot while there are only one or two acceptable boys.  If this doesnt change im going to become lesbian ^^

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After watching some gameplay, I was thinking about getting this game on Switch when it comes out, but I looked up the relationship mechanics, and  you can't even feign polyamory. (And found this thread by searching for the topic lol).  Like, the game potentially punishes you for having multiple relationships. Which makes me lose interest in the game, a lot. I'm not here for aggressive monogamy. XD
A good start would be a setting where you can just turn off the Jealousy, so you can have multiple relationships without  issue.  But that's just a band aid.