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Beneath A Cursed Moon

A Gothic fantasy tabletop roleplaying game. · By Karrius

How to contact, and create for The game

A topic by Zagalf created Jan 22, 2022 Views: 235 Replies: 2
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Hi, I'm a big fan of The game, and I want to know if exists some discord comunnity, or anything like this, also I want to translate to Brazillian portuguese, and a Last question, there is some template/srd or related to create New playbooks, customize and etc, I was hoping to add races and another fun things, If I do I will also share with the comunnity of this amazing game! How Can I contact for talk about all this? 


Thank you!

There's no specific discord, unfortunately - I had tried to run one before, but there just wasn't a lot of interest.

There's no current template for playbooks, but I've had enough people ask I can see about editing a word document one together, with some playbook design advice, and hopefully getting that out within the next week. For now, you're freely available to reference anything from the book, or make material compatible with the book, as long as you're not using the art or extended sections of text (so feel free to sell or give away your own playbooks on itch, but don't do something like copy all the playbooks into a brand new game).

The best way to contact me for talk about translation and other works is at , and I'd be happy to talk it over via email!

cool, I will send a e-mail!