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No Update this week (01/27) Taking a break for GGJ

A topic by Digital Precept ® created Jan 28, 2018 Views: 117
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Hey guys, 

No update this week.  We're taking a small break to participate in the Global Game Jam with the Memphis Game Developers community this weekend.

What we're working for next weekend:

-Oculus Native SDK

-AI (no promises tho)    The issue with the AI is we don't want "bystander" enemies to walk through the player. However we're running into hiccups in getting the NavMesh to only allow *certain*  ai to walk near the player and not others.  (i.e. Combatants can walk into the fight zone, but not enemies).  THe reason why this is tricky is that we have a dynamic zone (i.e. the player)  and at this time, there isn't an out of the box solution for that with Unity.