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War in the Outer Rim - A Foxhole to Starwars Mod

An active project to totally convert Foxhole's world-war aesthetic to Star Wars the Clone Wars. · By rebelben99


A topic by rebelben99 created Dec 12, 2021 Views: 344 Replies: 4
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Post any feedback you want here. This can pertain to the look, sounds, or other aspects of the mod.

hi dont know if your ever gonna update this mod but would love to see the additions of the new armour and officers uniform included in the mod i also would like a gas mask update it shows through the helmet and i was wondering if it might be possible to fix that i love the clone wars and really like playing this game so i really hope for an update to it soon <3


It is in the works rn. I have a lot of models to go through :)

that's awesome to hear, keep up the good work cant wait 

Hey are you going to update this mod anytime soon?