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Can't win?

A topic by LordLicorice created Jan 07, 2018 Views: 210 Replies: 2
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What a strange game. It took me a while to understand the controls, but eventually I figured out the rhythm. However, nothing happens when you fill the meter at the top; the game doesn't appear to end. Is this intentional?

Edit: Also, what in the hell game jam is this for?!


Uh hi! To be honest I didn't expect anyone to play it aside the other participant of the game jam!
It's a pure prototype, so yep, nothing happens yet when you fill the bar entirely. It's really, really far from finished, but I still had to publish it for the jam. Everything is missing! Sounds, actual gameplay, goal. I mean, you can fill the meter to the top, but as you saw, nothing happens (yet) Didn't expect anyone to play it besides the other participants, so I didn't bother so much making the description very clear on that. (also it just finished so I'm super tired)

The jam was a (french) erotic game jam with the theme "my wife is an alien." In my game, your alien wife has her tentacles all around the house and you gotta take care of them. So YEAH, I bet it's pretty strange when you don't know any of the context, especially with the current state of the game :D

Anyway, sorry for the disappointment, and thank you for playing :>

Hah, no worries! I follow @new_on_itch on Twitter, which posts, well, all new submissions with their included screenshot. The .gif was too intriguing and strange to pass up. :D

Looking forward to... whatever it turns into!